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Each quarter I prepare my thoughts on where the market has been and which factors are likely to have the biggest impact on investments in the coming three months.

First Quarter 2022

INVESTMENT COMMENTARY & Outlook April 2022 The first quarter stumbled out of the gate, but finished strong during March’s quarter-end window dressing. The big change in the Navellier portfolios is that we have added companies we believe will profit from inflation to our portfolios. Specifically, energy, fertilizer, food, and shipping companies are more prevalent in our portfolios. These companies have pricing power and are benefitting from the stagflation that has enveloped the world in the wake [...]

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Fourth Quarter 2021

INVESTMENT COMMENTARY & Outlook January 2022 As 2022 has commenced, a rotational correction out of many powerful growth stocks into beaten up value stocks has been the New Year surprise. This is referred to as a “mean reversion rally” and will not be sustainable. In fact, most value rallies fizzle within four to six weeks. This time around, the initial weakness in NASDAQ this year caused CNBC’s Jim Cramer to tell investors to sell growth and [...]

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Third Quarter 2021

INVESTMENT COMMENTARY & Outlook October 2021 The third-quarter was essentially a “washing machine” where stocks “sloshed” around. The bumpy summer months are now over and the seasonally strong time of year is now here. October has been strong in the past 20, 50 and 100 years, according to our friends at Bespoke. November is even stronger, and December is also strong. The strongest seasonal month is actually January, when new pension money likes to pour into [...]

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Second Quarter 2021

INVESTMENT COMMENTARY & Outlook July 2021 So far this year, dividend growth stocks have been the stars and are anticipated to continue to perform well due to collapsing bond yields. These same collapsing yields also helped our growth stocks in June after China did a commodity “dump” to squelch soaring material prices. We are clearly in an inflationary environment that is expected to persist due to accommodative central banks. The latest catalyst for bond yields collapsing [...]

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First Quarter 2021

INVESTMENT COMMENTARY & Outlook April 2021 Our growth portfolios oscillated with the interest-rate-driven rotation in the market in recent weeks, but finished March on a strong note thanks to quarter-end window dressing. Furthermore, this relative strength has continued in April and our growth portfolios seem truly excited about their upcoming first-quarter earnings announcements. We believe the average stock in our growth portfolio will post stunning sales and earnings growth in the upcoming weeks, as you can [...]

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Fourth Quarter 2020

INVESTMENT COMMENTARY & Outlook January 2021 The fourth quarter was the strongest quarter that we can remember for small-to-mid capitalization stocks. Essentially, many of our small-to-mid growth stocks “melted up” on light trading volume in an “early January effect.” These small-to-mid growth stocks, as well as many of our international growth stocks, have continued to perform well due to the “real January effect” that is caused by higher trading volume and fueled by new pension funding. [...]

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