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Each quarter I prepare my thoughts on where the market has been and which factors are likely to have the biggest impact on investments in the coming three months.

Fourth Quarter 2020

INVESTMENT COMMENTARY & Outlook January 2021 The fourth quarter was the strongest quarter that we can remember for small-to-mid capitalization stocks. Essentially, many of our small-to-mid growth stocks “melted up” on light trading volume in an “early January effect.” These small-to-mid growth stocks, as well as many of our international growth stocks, have continued to perform well due to the “real January effect” that is caused by higher trading volume and fueled by new pension funding. [...]

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Third Quarter 2020

INVESTMENT COMMENTARY & Outlook October 2020 The third-quarter was quite interesting. The stock market experienced net redemptions but continued to rally on relatively light trading volume. Nowadays, Citadel’s algorithms largely control stock prices. So the question that we are asking ourselves is if the stock market can rally on light trading volume, then what happens when trading volume soars? As mentioned on a recent Navellier podcast, there is a lot of cash on the sidelines that [...]

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First Quarter 2020

INVESTMENT COMMENTARY & Outlook April 22, 2020 Our dividend growth and conservative growth stocks have rebounded impressively in the past four weeks. As we have said repeatedly, good stocks bounce right back and that is exactly what has happened since the late March lows. We expect to continue to sell selected stocks into strength as we concentrate on the crème de la crème and anticipate holding fewer stocks in the upcoming months due to the fact [...]

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Fourth Quarter 2019

INVESTMENT COMMENTARY & Outlook January 27, 2020 2019 was a year of great stock market performance and flat earnings. In some respects, it was the opposite of 2018 when earnings were up more than 20% while stocks were down. Yet if we take the averages for both years for both EPS growth and stock performance, the two years were pretty normal—on average. The 4th quarter of 2019 will be the last lackluster quarter for the S&P [...]

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Third Quarter 2019

INVESTMENT COMMENTARY & Outlook October 9, 2019 Our dividend growth and conservative growth stocks are “locked and loaded” for the upcoming third-quarter announcement season. We are exiting the seasonally weak months for small-to-mid capitalization stocks and are now on the verge of when small-to-mid capitalization stocks tend to surge from an early “January effect” and remain strong well into the New Year. Download Now

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Second Quarter 2019

Our growth stocks continue to steadily appreciate and exhibit significant relative strength compared to the S&P 500. In fact, our Large Cap Growth portfolio just posted its strongest outperformance relative to the S&P 500 and is leading all our other growth portfolios year-to-date, which are also having a good year. Download Now

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