We have assembled these in-depth research reports covering everything from important large-scale market trends to portfolio strategies.

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Study on Statistical Arbitrage

Mean reversion is a statistical arbitrage trading strategy that market makers use …

Risk Assets Pie Chart Pictograph

Go to the Head of the Class

We’re human. It’s natural to constantly look up to a higher ideal. It’s motivating, positive …

Risk Assets Pie Chart Pictograph

What Happened to Risk Assets in 2022?

The short answer is as old as the first human markets: Greed and leverage are unwinding.

Seasonality Image for Report Library Profiting from Seasonality in Stocks

Profiting From Seasonality in Stocks

There are predictable seasonal patterns in stocks and the confirming indicator is the Big Money Index.

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Pump Up The Volume

What Waxing and Waning Volume Means For the Future of the Market.

Zombies are Real

They say: “It’s better to be lucky than smart.” But is it actually better to be dead than alive?

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Did the Government Cause the 2008 Crash?

Remember that “financial crisis” in 2008? Certainly you do if you live on planet earth.

Honey, I Shrunk the Stock Market

It’s time to prepare to say your goodbyes to the stock market. The truth is… it’s dying.

The Evolution and Mutation of ETF Sharks

When it comes to ETFs, I believe mis-perceptions of the market can harm the every-day investor.

The Right Mix: Growth & Dividend Stocks

Can a mix of investment products in a portfolio allow withdrawals over time without significant depletion?

Robo Advisor Revolution: An Impending Disaster?

How the Robo Advisor Revolution may be Leading to an Impending Disaster.

Five Great Income Strategies to Focus On

Here are five great income options in today’s market for yield-driven investing.

Sharks, High Frequency, and ETFs

Understanding HFT and how to avoid being taken advantage of by sharks in financial markets.

A Second-Part-of-the-Chessboard Problem

ETF pricing will likely remain the “Wild West” of Wall Street. Read on for all the details.

Finding Diamonds in the Rough

Identifying stocks with the potential for significant appreciation with low standard deviation.

Market Meltdown Image

What Really Caused the Market Meltdown in 2018?

It’s early 2019 and the shark mutations have been thundering forward for years.

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