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Louis Navellier’s Market Outlook March 2019

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White Papers

Zombies Are Real - July 2019
ETF Doom Sharks - What really caused the market meltdown in 2018
The Evolution and Mutation of ETF Sharks since October 2016 - (Revised Feb. 2018)
How the Robo Advisor Revolution may be Leading to an Impending Disaster - Oct. 2017
Five Great Income Strategies to Focus On – June 2017
2008 White Paper - March 2017
Sharks ETF White Paper - February 2017
Oasis White Paper - September 2016
Diamonds White Paper - August 2016

Domestic Equity

Large Cap Presentation

ETF Series

Tactical Presentation


Defensive Alpha Presentation
Power Dividend Presentation


Trampolines and Standard Deviation

A Declining Dollar Implies...Sharply Rising Commodity Prices
Housing Prices
Fannie Freddie
Rising Food Prices

Applied Research Educational Series

Practical Research Solutions

Tracking Error 
Bullish Bullets 
Volume 6: Gold Rush for Growth 
Volume 5: The Dollar and the S&P 500 
Volume 4: Alpha Observations in Large Cap Growth 
Volume 3: Style Bubbles 
Volume 2: The Case for Mid Cap Growth 
Volume 1: Trampolines and Standard Deviation

Market Exhibits & Observations

Market Leadership Shift

Mountain of Cash Earning Next to Nothing 
Current Election Cycle - Positive History 
Navellier/Dial High Income Opportunities Series 
Average total return and average stock price of the S&P 500 by S&P Common Stock Ranking 
Average total return and average stock price of the Russell 1000 Index by S&P Common Stock Ranking 
The World is Coming to an End. AGAIN! 
Declining Home Prices Stops The Party
Corporate Yields Balloon Higher 
Unprecedented Black Swan Event 
Monetary Base in High Gear 
Months Before End Of Recession Offers Opportunity