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9-15-20: Weak Dollar (& Strong Euro) Damages Euro Exports & Boosts U.S. Stocks

by Louis Navellier September 15, 2020 When the European Central Bank (ECB) met last Thursday, they left their bond buying program in place and left their key interest rate to member banks [...]

September 14th, 2020|Categories: Weekly MarketMail|Tags: |

9-9-20: Great Economic News – Led by a Positive Jobs Report

by Louis Navellier September 9, 2020 The economic news last week was very positive. The biggest news came on Friday when the Labor Department reported that the unemployment rate declined dramatically to [...]

September 8th, 2020|Categories: Weekly MarketMail|Tags: |

8-25-20: A Long, Hot Summer Takes its Toll – Especially Out West

by Louis Navellier August 25, 2020 Lingering coronavirus concerns, the flight out of big cities, the ongoing protests, and California’s annual summer brownouts are all pointing to potentially low voter turnout [...]

August 24th, 2020|Categories: Weekly MarketMail|Tags: |

8-18-20: A Weak Dollar is Generating a New Round of Inflation

by Louis Navellier August 18, 2020 The biggest economic news next year might be a weaker U.S. dollar fueling a new round of commodity price inflation over time. The Labor Department reported [...]

August 17th, 2020|Categories: Weekly MarketMail|Tags: |

8-4-20: The Fed Pledges a Weak-Dollar, Zero-Interest Rate Policy

by Louis Navellier August 8, 2020 The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) statement on Wednesday said that the Fed “is committed to using its full range of tools to support the U.S. [...]

August 3rd, 2020|Categories: Weekly MarketMail|Tags: |

7-14-20: The Fed is Pushing Rates Lower – Which is Bullish for Stocks

by Louis Navellier July 14, 2020 The 10-year, 20-year, and 30-year Treasury bond yields approached record lows last week after another successful 30-year Treasury bond auction. Thanks to record low interest rates, [...]

July 13th, 2020|Categories: Weekly MarketMail|Tags: |

7-7-20: The Fed Doesn’t Seem to Believe the Positive Economic Statistics

by Louis Navellier July 7, 2020 The economic “dashboard,” as former Fed Chair Janet Yellen used to call the array of economic statistics, is looking more positive every week; but unfortunately, the [...]

July 7th, 2020|Categories: Weekly MarketMail|Tags: |

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