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Fellow Investor,

The old saying goes, “The best time to plant a seed was 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a seed is today.” Investing is no different as you’ll be better off if you start investing earlier (and stay invested).

Having more time on your side and not selling during crashes can mean the difference between thriving or surviving during retirement. It’s also important to stick with your investing plan and stay present.

Staying present can be tough since it can be easy to fantasize about potential past gains. For example, it’s especially easy to regret not investing in a powerhouse stock like Amazon (AMZN: NASDAQ) when it first went public.

However, the most practical approach is to realize that it’s time to act. Time to live in the present. Time to seize the moment and pick up high growth investments at “bargain prices.”

How Struggle Can Lead To Success

Let’s face it… 2022 is a very unique year. Life is starting to normalize after a traumatizing COVID-19 pandemic.

But, we aren’t out of the woods yet…

One main issue that is plaguing world economies is supply chain issues. Further impacted by recent global events, these have caused major delays, leading to shortages.

These delays have been caused by higher freight prices, demand, and port congestion.

You might think that this will hurt the overall world economy. You might also be thinking of avoiding investing in supply chain-based companies.

Well, guess again…

With struggle comes growth. One example of this is greater innovation in the supply chain space.

More technology, including supply chain-focused cryptocurrencies and other systems, is being created to improve workflows.

This is just one struggling industry that has the potential to offer high growth, undervalued investments.

Before diving deep into one specific industry, we recommend that you…

Approach Your Portfolio At A Bird’s Eye View

If you want to set your portfolio up for success, consider starting at a bird’s eye view. Are you a conservative investor looking for income? Or are you looking for growth-based opportunities? Maybe something in between?

There is no right answer, it simply boils down to your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Discover if your risk tolerance and investments are in sync with a personalized, no obligation portfolio deep dive!

We have worked with various types of investors over the last 30 years. Our portfolios can be customized for…


Our growth portfolios hold investments like small and large-cap stocks with above-average growth. We screen for companies that are consistently growing sales and earnings. Our team actively manages this portfolio to find undervalued growth stocks with high-profit potential.


You’ve reached retirement and want to conserve your assets. Our capital preservation strategies can help you mitigate steep market losses with defensive ETFs and covered calls. Defensive ETFs can serve this need as they shift to cash or bonds when conditions permit.


Our income strategies can offer both capital appreciation from stocks and high dividend yields. We seek out companies that have a history of growing and paying dividends. Most importantly, these dividend-paying companies have the free cash flow to cover each dividend payment. This can make it much easier to have reliable income in retirement.

Narrow Down By Industry

Once you have a high-level idea of your investing style, then you can look for industry-specific investments. Our credentialed experts with 30+ years of experience can help you find undervalued investments with high upside potential.

As mentioned earlier, we are especially excited about companies in the logistics/supply chain space. It might seem counterintuitive, seeing that there are current worldwide shortages.

However, these problems will lead to greater opportunity. This opportunity is increased innovation created by businesses that want to improve efficiency.

Our team can help you develop a robust portfolio that accounts for your goals, risk tolerance, and industry-specific investments. With the first step being a no obligation, custom portfolio deep dive.

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My team and I are currently providing no-obligation portfolio deep dives. We strive to ensure that every deep dive is unique and tailored to your specific needs. Our experience and processes will show you potential opportunities (and blind spots). 

Intricate details that can lead you toward early retirement, or prevent steep losses during heavy declines.

All backed by our 30+ years of successful investing strategies.

To qualify for a portfolio deep dive you must:

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  • Have a minimum account value of $250,000.

  • Are able to provide portfolio holdings for strategy and risk analysis.

We don’t want everyone and everybody as clients. Instead, we purposely limit the number of invitations we send out for these deep dives each year. 

We want to work with articulate clients who see value in financial advice and are motivated to take appropriate action.

Therefore, we can only offer these deep dives to the first 100 investors who provide their information below before May 31st, 2022.

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To a bright 2022 (and beyond),

Louis Navellier

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P.S. 2022 brings unique changes not seen before. The end of a pandemic, global supply chain shortages, and the aftermath of one of the most polarizing elections in US history.

My team and I have guided both retail and institutions towards financial abundance for over 30 years. This is the most unique period we’ve ever seen.

Seize this moment! These moments don’t come around often.

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