Private Clients

For more than 30 years, Louis Navellier has been helping individual investors like you achieve their financial goals. Navellier recently expanded its investing services to include innovative approaches to fixed income and balanced portfolio management through the Private Client Group.

The Private Client Group is an extension of Louis Navellier’s private family office where he honed his expertise in conservative fixed income and balanced portfolio management for his family for many years. We believe that we can offer an innovative approach to balanced portfolio management that is in great demand in the current market environment.

The objective of the Private Client Group is to better service qualified investors with (1) fixed income management, (2) covered call option writing to generate extra income, (3) innovative ETF management designed to protect portfolios as well as (4) Navellier’s traditional fundamental quantitative equity investment strategies. Navellier is an institutional manager that typically charges competitive fixed fees. The Private Client Group, which caters to qualified investors, also offers a popular fee alternative in the form of a 10% annual incentive fee (pursuant to SEC Rule 205-3) net of all brokerage/bank fees or commissions. In other words, qualified clients are only billed based on annual appreciation. With an incentive fee a new "high water" mark must be met every year, otherwise the client will not be charged any incentive fee.

Navellier will work with your financial adviser to create an asset allocation strategy designed to fit your specific investment goals. 

If you're already doing business with a full-service brokerage firm, contact your financial adviser and ask him/her to help you get started. Navellier does not take custody of assets. As a result, you must open an account with a brokerage firm. If you already have a brokerage account, chances are we can manage your account at that firm.

Navellier continues to offer managed account services (also known as private accounts and separately managed accounts) to high-net-worth individuals. Navellier’s Fundamental Growth portfolio, is available as a mutual fund through a sub-advisory relationship with Cavalier Funds.

In addition, we supply investors with a large selection of free tools and services. Our Marketmail e-newsletter keeps you informed about the stock market on a weekly basis, and our Stock Grader service instantly analyzes stocks for you - just type in a symbol, and get A, B, C, D, and F grades in a snap.You can also do this with ETFs using our ETF Grader. We are also excited about the recent launch of our free stock analysis tool, Dividend Grader.

And that's just the beginning. There's much more to see as Navellier & Associates continues to keep you abreast of the trends and timetables that affect your financial future. Take a look around!

For more information on our Private Client Group, and how we may be able to boost your interest and dividend income through our yield enhancement strategies, please contact Carol Whann at or 775-785-2300.