Frequently Asked Questions2019-03-06T14:27:15-08:00

Frequently Asked Questions

New clients have questions about Navellier and how it all works. Browse our top frequently asked questions to get the answers you need.

How do I get started?2019-03-06T14:39:43-08:00

If you’re already doing business with a full-service brokerage firm, contact your financial adviser and ask him/her to help you get started. If you trade at a discount firm, like Charles Schwab, call us for instructions at (800) 887-8671.

May I invest directly with Navellier?2019-03-06T14:38:32-08:00

Navellier does not take custody of assets. As a result, you must open an account with a brokerage firm. If you already have a brokerage account, chances are we can manage your account at that firm; however, we cannot manage your account through many of the discount firms. If you need help finding a brokerage firm, or would like to check if we can use your existing firm, please call (800) 887-8671 or send an email to

Do I get monthly statements from Navellier?2019-03-06T14:37:05-08:00

Because your assets would be held at a brokerage firm, that firm would send you monthly statements and trade confirmations. Furthermore, most brokerage firms have online account access, so you would be able to review your account any time you wish. In many other ways, however, Navellier communicates regularly with its clients. We offer a quarterly letter to management clients and a weekly email service called Marketmail, which keeps you informed about what’s happening in the stock market and economy. You do not have to be a Navellier client to receive the Marketmail service.

How fast will you invest my assets after I open my account?2019-03-06T14:36:09-08:00

We work quickly. We also do not “time the market.” As such, we typically will have you fully invested within a week or two.

Do you work on margin?2019-03-06T14:35:28-08:00

Navellier does not work on margin.

May I use two different accounts to meet the $100,000 minimum?2019-03-06T14:35:07-08:00

The stated minimum account size is $100,000 for each account. However, Navellier will accept $50,000 minimum accounts from certain brokerage firms in their particular wrap fee programs.

May I do more than one Navellier portfolio style in one account?2019-03-06T14:34:48-08:00

We have to separate the different styles into different accounts. If you want Navellier to manage multiple styles, each style must be in its own separate account and each style must meet the minimum account size.

How do I decide which Navellier portfolio to use?2019-03-06T14:34:27-08:00

We recommend that you consult with your financial adviser to determine what is suitable. We can provide additional information to help you or your adviser with the asset allocation process. If you do not have an adviser, please contact us at (800) 887-8671 or

May I trade some of my own ideas in the same account?2019-03-06T14:34:04-08:00

We cannot share an account with you. It is too difficult to separate our performance from your performance. You will have to trade your own ideas in a separate account. However, you may make special requests to hold or sell particular stocks for tax purposes. To do so, please call (800) 887-8671.

Does Navellier have the ability to withdraw assets from my account?2019-03-06T14:33:35-08:00

Navellier cannot withdraw any of your assets, except for our management fees, with your written permission. If you prefer to pay your management fees outside your account, we’ll arrange that for you.

What is Navellier’s turnover?2019-03-06T14:33:10-08:00

Navellier’s portfolios are actively traded, and turnover can be high. Historically, the turnover in Navellier’s growth portfolios has ranged from 100% to 300%. Some of our less-aggressive portfolios experience less turnover. Portfolio activity can change dramatically, based on market conditions. Due to the high activity of some portfolios, special considerations may be given to tax issues.

Does this mean that I will pay a lot of short-term capital gains?2019-03-06T14:32:51-08:00

Navellier’s tax-efficiency is basically a residual effect of its stock selection and investment process. Most stocks are typically held long-term (>12 months) and non-performing stocks are typically held short-term.

Do you manage IRA accounts?2019-03-06T14:32:30-08:00

Yes, Navellier manages IRA accounts.

Investment in equity strategies involves substantial risk and has the potential for partial or complete loss of funds invested.

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