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The Truth About How Central Bank Action Sent Shockwaves
Through the Economy and Wall Street

Louis Navellier and his team of analysts pull back the curtain on the Federal Reserve’s aggressive policies—and how it led to both positive and negative consequences. We have yet to realize the total impact of the central bank’s recent policies, but Louis Navellier and his team will outline seven of the biggest repercussions today.

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Q2 2023 Report

The Federal Reserve is caught between a rock and a hard place—and it only has itself to blame.

Specifically, the U.S. is still plagued with elevated inflation (though it has cooled somewhat), and high interest rate hikes have wreaked havoc on the banking industry (the industry that the Fed regulates). In other words, the Fed has a tough choice to make: Continue to raise interest rates to squelch inflation and risk further harm to the banking industry or pause rate hikes and risk inflation remaining elevated.

To better understand how the Fed put itself in such a tight position, our just-released research report will wind the clock back a few years and consider the role of inflation, as it’s been the Fed’s “boogeyman” in recent years.

We’ll also look at how our central bank started to aggressively raise key interest rates in March 2022, lifting the Fed funds rate from around 0% to a range between 4.75% and 5% today. That’s the fastest pace of rate hikes on record!

The Fed’s aggressive tightening policy was aimed primarily at curbing inflation, and it has been slightly successful in achieving this goal.

However, the Fed’s rate increases have impacted more than just inflation, as we’ve seen firsthand with the recent banking crisis, the ailing real estate industry, commodity price fluctuations, slowing economic growth, stock and bond market volatility, and even earnings growth.

Unfortunately, all of the repercussions from the Fed’s actions over the past few years have yet to be realized, but we have started to see some of the impacts—and can predict how the fallout could continue this year. In our research report, we’ll take a look at seven of the biggest impacts that we’ve already witnessed and could continue to see in the coming months (and even years).

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Q2 2023 Report
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