Investment Commentary & Outlook - April 27, 2017

The stock market continues to migrate from uncertainty to certainty. Currently, we are in the midst of the best earnings environment in over five years. The S&P 500’s operating earnings for the first quarter are expected to rise 9.1%, with energy and technology stocks leading the way. Furthermore, the earnings environment is expected to get progressively stronger in 2017 and may even reach 20% annual growth if corporate tax reform is passed in the upcoming months. We have high expectations for our conservative growth stock portfolios that are characterized by strong forecasted sales and earnings growth.

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Portfolio Fundamentals

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Earnings Scoreboard

When earnings are driving the overall stock market higher, our dividend growth and conservative growth portfolios tend to perform well The bottom line is that companies that post better-than-expected sales and earnings and provide positive guidance are being rewarded; so we have a lot to look forward to . . . read more

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