Account Operations

Navellier & Associates thanks you for your business and for the trust and confidence you have placed with us. Below you will find some information and instructions regarding account operations. Please give us a call if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance.

New Accounts

Once the Navellier New Accounts Department has received notification and relevant new account paperwork from your firm, the account will be processed and released for trading. Barring any complications (incomplete paperwork, inadequate funds, etc.) a new account should be ready for trading within two business days. New Account documents and questions may be emailed to:


To ensure timely processing of any withdrawals from active accounts, please notify our Trading Department directly: or (775) 785-9456. Trades settle in three days so please leave ample time for funds to be available. Normally, requests made by 12:30pm (Pacific Time) will be processed that day.


To ensure timely processing of any significant deposits, please notify our Trading Department directly: or (775) 785-9456. New funds may not be seen until the account is reconciled at month’s end and as such could result in missed opportunities in the market. Also, do not deposit funds into an account unless the funds are ready to be invested. Should you wish to delay investment, please notify us stating your exact instructions: or
(775) 785-9456.

Failure to do so may result in the funds being invested at a time not of your choosing. 

Account Terminations

To terminate an account, please e-mail the Navellier Operations Department: Be sure to include the account number and the client name. Please specify whether or not the account should be liquidated.

Please note: all notifications must be confirmed in writing ~ no exceptions.

New Accounts/Operations:
Pierson Souza (775) 785-9415/Fax: (775) 562-8207

Trading: Pete Koelewyn (775) 785-9456

Accounting: Yvonne Garoutte (775) 785-9436

Investment Advisory Agreement

To request an Investment Advisory Agreement, please contact your Regional Marketing Associate.