Libertas 30

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A diversified portfolio including domestic equity, international, alternative, and fixed income components. ETF universe is ranked using a quantitative system based on market price anomalies and the direction of the market based on return/risk characteristics. The portfolio may be less defensive than other similar portfolios. Uses a sine wave overlay to signal when to increase and decrease ETF and cash positions.

What is a Sine~Wave® Overlay?

Using a proprietary analytical system of sine waves, the portfolio can quickly switch its exposure between stock and bonds ETFs by measuring “wave heights” of the market. Sine waves are mathematical curves that identify a smooth, repetitive trend around an oscillation – in this case, the oscillation is based around the harmonic waveform of the S&P 500 Index superimposed over other indexes and technical indicators.

When sine waves cross, our research has shown that they trigger a long, short, and neutral signals indicating moving in or out of ETFs or cash. In extremely volatile markets, when the “wave heights” become too jumbled to give a clear direction, our system is designed to issue a neutral signal. During such periods, our research indicates it is best to stay away from volatile sector ETFs. We believe such moves help protect capital until market conditions improve.

ETF Universe (By Sleeve)

U.S. Equity ETFs 
Consumer Discretionary XLY
Consumer Staples XLP
Energy IYE
Financials XLF
Healthcare XLV
Industrials IYJ
Materials XLB
Technology IYW
Utilities IDU

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For Demonstration Purposes Only

Proprietary Sine~Wave® Analysis


Alternative ETFs 
Gold GLD
Real Estate IYR
S&P 500 SPY
Cash Equivalent 
Short-term Treasuries
(or cash equivalent) 
International Equity ETFs 
Europe VGK
Canada EWC
Japan EWJ
Pacific ex Japan EPP
Emerging Markets EEM
Fixed Income ETFs 
Investment Grade LQD
High Yield HYG
Tips TIP
Floating Rate FLOT
Mortgages MBB
20+ Year Treasury Bond TLT
7-10 Year Treasury Bond IEF
1-3 Year Treasury Bond SHY

Market Sector Rotation

*The Libertas 30 accounts may invest in a cash equivalent, such as money market funds, in place of short-term Treasuries. As of August 24, 2015, the following ETFs were added to the Fixed Income sleeve of the investment universe: iShares® Barclays 20+ Year Treasury Bond and iShares® Barclays 1-3 Year Treasury Bond.

Performance results presented herein do not necessarily indicate future performance; investment in equity strategies involves substantial risk and has the potential for partial or complete loss of funds invested. Results presented include reinvestment of dividends and other earnings. None of the stock information, data and company information presented herein constitutes a recommendation by Navellier or a solicitation of any offer to buy or sell any securities. As a matter of normal and important disclosures to you, as a potential investor, please consider the following: The model performances presented in the accompanying charts and graphs are not based on any actual securities trading, portfolio, or accounts, and should be considered mere “paper” or proforma performance results based on Navellier’s research.

Sine~Wave® Technology Disclosures

Within the context of this report, Sine ~ Wave Technology® is providing technical analytics, theoretical modeling and investment security monitoring services in support of Navellier & Associates, an unrelated Third Party RIA management company which offers Registered Investment Advisory managed account programs and services at the institutional and retail level.

Sine ~ Wave® is engaged in the business of acting solely in the capacity of a technical analytics, theoretical modeling and monitoring service provider to other Registered Investment Adviser “Third Parties” which directly manage client accounts.

Sine ~ Wave Technology® does not directly manage any client assets or engage with or do business with any retail clients of the public.

Our services are exclusively offered to licensed unaffiliated ''RIA'' Registered Investment Advisers and Third Party financial industry professional asset management and distribution network entities such as broker‐dealer firms, insurance, trust and mutual fund companies.

Sine ~ Wave Technology® does not make a market in any security, maintain or have access to client funds, does not engage in any trading activities, does not provide introductions to custodians or engage in any custodial activities or functions, and does not engage in any principal or agency transactions within the retail or institutional marketplace.

The timing and actionable implications of various “Change Points” which are expressed within this visualization series is limited to the management decision making strategies employed by Navellier & Associates to manage a series of Tactical Asset Management Portfolio offerings. The subject portfolios are operated within a construct of a proprietary process of defining “Long”, “Neutral” and “Sell Short” investment periods, and the corresponding actions which are taken within these accounts are the direct result of the timing and methods of decision making of the investment management strategies governing the accounts. The recent announcement and timing of the present S&P 500 market status of “Neutral” is not intended to be viewed as a universal “Sell” recommendation which applies to all market participants. As a clarification, within the construct of the strategies being employed, the market comment status of “Neutral” is not a prediction of future events. The change in status is intended to convey the opinion that the momentum of the previous long term up‐trend has been broken; and that future actions to be taken will depend on the emergence of a newly defined trend in either a long or short direction which has yet to be established. Suitability standards and the details of your age, income, investment experience, liquidity, desired frequency of trading and investment risk profile ~ as well as the specific details of the method and strategy for investment decision which you employ, will form the reasoned basis of the timing and nature of the decisions that you ultimately choose to make. Please consult with qualified investment counsel and review the product discussion + detailed disclosure statements regarding risks which is contained within the product offering documents for investments you may be considering prior to making investment decisions.

In the process of analyzing previous cycles, no direct cause and effect representations can be reliably applied to the present market circumstances... Stock market waveform patterns are not repeating waveforms and as they continuously evolve, no two patterns are the same. Calculations results and signal measurement applications which analyze and react in response to the unique characteristics and extremes of the data stream being characterized will vary accordingly with each use, and over time.

The visualizations contained within this report illustrate various global indexes and primarily focus on the S&P 500 and are intended for information purposes only.  From an actual trading standpoint, it is not possible to trade indexes [theoretical calculations of combinations of securities which make up an industry group or major markets such as the Standard and Poors 500] except to individually trade the underlying securities or to invest in Exchange Traded Funds [ETFs] which are synthetically created simulations of indexes which are designed to correlate to the performance of the index being tracked.

The potential correlation of major market indexes with ETFs that track those indexes is not absolute and can diverge significantly on an intra‐day and cumulative time‐period basis. Depending on the methods and design of synthetic ETF construction, the specifics of daily volatility, the bid to ask spreads and the mechanics of market liquidity, the tracking divergence effect can be profoundly magnified on a case by case basis, especially with inverse and leveraged ETF index Product Offerings.

This visualization summary is not an offer to purchase securities, and is not in and of itself a complete analysis of the investment scenarios which are described. For a detailed discussion of a product offering that you may have an interest in, please consult with qualified investment counsel, and review the product discussion and detailed disclosure statements regarding risks, which are contained within the product offering information documents that you may be considering.

The illustrations contained are for discussion purposes only. The historical “Change Point” scenario results presented herein do not predict or indicate future performance, and do not guarantee a positive result for future transactions. Investment in equity strategies involves substantial risk and has the potential for partial or complete loss of funds invested.

The historical scenario results as illustrated represent the hypothetical outcome of all of the back‐tested “Long” to “Neutral” “Change Points” for the period of 1991 ~ 2012 for the proprietary Sine ~ Wave Technology ® S&P 500 theoretical modeling market analysis program, which is owned by Helix Technology ® Ltd.

The illustrated scenario analysis from January 1, 2013 through to August 30, 2015 is based on the actual decision making “Change Point” results of the proprietary Sine ~ Wave® modeling program ~ as it is presently being operated by Sine ~ Wave ® Technology and offered within the financial marketplace by Navellier & Associates.

The graphic elements contained in this report are based upon data and visualization sources which include Helix Technology®, Tradestation, Reuters and Yahoo. While the information is based upon sources that Sine ~ Wave ® Technology believes to be reliable, it may be incomplete or condensed information and Sine ~ Wave® does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness.