Earnings Scoreboard

After the end of every calendar quarter, the Navellier research team tests for "what is working on Wall Street" to develop fundamental variable models that we think are good predictors of stock movements. A key variable included in virtually every model our firm has ever produced is known as "earnings surprise." An earnings surprise occurs whenever a company's actual earnings report either exceeds (positive) or fails (negative) to meet analysts' earnings expectations. Since we don't short stocks, we look for positive earnings surprises. The academic research is conclusive about earnings surprises: there is a statistically significant correlation between a company's surprise earnings announcement and an increase in the company's stock price: click the following link and type in ‘earnings surprise’ Earnings Surprise.

We think our portfolios are packed with companies reporting compelling earnings surprises. Below are the complete holdings of six of our portfolio strategies showing earnings surprises. (Where you see “#N/A,” the companies likely either (1) lacked sufficient analyst estimates to generate an earnings surprise value or (2) were reporting no surprises).

This data is updated on Tuesdays as of 2pm Pacific Time.

Ticker Company Name Price Last Actual
Prior to
CSCO Cisco Systems Inc 56.35 05/16/2019 $0.77 $0.78 0.78%
BGSF Bg Staffing Inc 20.15 05/09/2019 $0.29 $0.24 -15.79%
MPC Marathon Petroleum Corp 51.95 05/08/2019 $0.05 $-0.09 -277.70%
WU Western Union Co 19.32 05/08/2019 $0.43 $0.39 -8.73%
PLOW Douglas Dynamics Inc 36.89 05/07/2019 $-0.09 $0.01
MPW Medical Properties Trust 18.24 05/02/2019 $0.22 $0.20 -9.11%
AMGN Amgen Inc 169.91 05/01/2019 $3.47 $3.56 2.63%
MXIM Maxim Integrated Products 53.59 05/01/2019 $0.52 $0.52 0.00%
OKE Oneok Inc 68.17 05/01/2019 $0.73 $0.81 10.44%
CMI Cummins Inc 159.24 04/30/2019 $3.56 $4.20 17.82%
ETN Eaton Corp Plc 78.75 04/30/2019 $1.25 $1.26 1.16%
PFE Pfizer Inc 41.47 04/30/2019 $0.75 $0.85 13.10%
PSX Phillips 66 84.81 04/30/2019 $0.34 $0.40 18.49%
CUBE Cubesmart 33.06 04/26/2019 $0.19 $0.19 0.00%
DLR Digital Realty Trust Inc 117.98 04/26/2019 $0.27 $0.46 69.86%
ABBV Abbvie Inc 79.46 04/25/2019 $2.06 $2.14 3.96%
FAF First American Financial Cp 54.85 04/25/2019 $0.68 $0.97 41.75%
VLO Valero Energy Corp 83.71 04/25/2019 $0.23 $0.34 46.69%
SIX Six Flags Entertainment Corp 52.8 04/24/2019 $-0.86 $-0.82 4.51%
TXN Texas Instruments Inc 106.79 04/24/2019 $1.13 $1.26 11.97%
LMT Lockheed Martin Corp 337.99 04/23/2019 $4.34 $5.73 32.12%
WSO Watsco Inc 156.46 04/23/2019 $0.88 $0.88 0.50%
SON Sonoco Products Co 63.2 04/18/2019 $0.80 $0.85 6.05%
UNP Union Pacific Corp 174.62 04/18/2019 $1.88 $1.93 2.83%
IBM Intl Business Machines Corp 134.32 04/17/2019 $2.22 $2.25 1.45%
FAST Fastenal Co 64.17 04/11/2019 $0.67 $0.68 1.74%
PAYX Paychex Inc 86.27 03/27/2019 $0.88 $0.89 1.03%
GIS General Mills Inc 52.4 03/20/2019 $0.69 $0.83 20.36%

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